Who Is Tim Stracey

Tim is a well established Mind-reading magician in the UK and is well known in his home town of Bristol.

You can hire Tim for any private or corporate event....

So, you want something a bit different for your Party, wedding, event or festival..not sure what you want, you look on Google, maybe some magic, but it all looks so so corny, waving hands around and being somewhat spooky.

You don’t want that, you want someone that can fit in to your surroundings, someone who can mingle in your crowd, someone who will leave jaws open and start to believe if they saw what just happened. Tim can be that person for you, not your normal magician, but something completely different.

Think ESP, think mind reading but a bit darker, think coins bending in your own hand, think someone else’s thoughts been put into someone’s else mind. Think a cross between a Mindreader and a Magician! What ever the size of your party, Tim can perform in a small gathering, a stage setting or a large event.

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If you have an event with a 'theme' I can even adapt his act to include what ever subject matter you wish! I am based in Bristol but distance is no problem so if you want some magic and mindreading to spice up your event or party get in contact!

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